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 hoW TO ha©k WeBsItEs..

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Posts : 160
Points : 644
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Join date : 2012-03-10
Age : 24
Location : Chandigarh

PostSubject: hoW TO ha©k WeBsItEs..   Tue Dec 11, 2012 5:44 pm

To be able
to h4(ked websites, you need to know
how to code. So if you don’t know
how to code, this step will be a lot
harder, or impossible for you.
Nevertheless, continue to read as
you might learn something.
There are many ways you can h4(ked a
♣Viewing page source or modifying
♣Through JavaScript
♣Exploiting their code with
injections or including other files
♣Spoofing your information to get
what you want such as modifying
cookie information, referral data or
JavaScript variables
♣Through SQL Injection attacks
♣URL manipulation
♣Uploading of malicious data
♣Cross Site Scripting (XSS)
Depending on the site, none, one,
more than one, or none of these
tactics will work for you. It is all up
to the developer of the website and
on how good of a coder they are.
For some sites, it could be very easy
and for other sites, it could be very
difficult. However, here is a very
brief overview of some things you
can try.
By viewing the source of the
website, you may able to understand
how the code works and what it is
doing behind the scenes. It will give
you clues on what sort of h4(k0ng
technique you should try. In some
very low secured site, it might even
tell you the username and password
to login.
If the site uses JavaScript, you
maybe be able to change some of
the values of the variables to get
what you need. If you know
JavaScript, just type your code into
the web browser like this
@@@SQL Injecions@@@
SQL Injections is probably one of
the easiest and most effective ways
into h4(k0ng sites. If you know how
SQL statements work, you can easily
change it to match your needs. For
example, a SQL statement for a PHP
based website could be SELECT *
"$username" AND PASSWORD =
The PHP variables $username and
$password will be assigned the
values the user entered into the
username and password textboxes.
If the user correctly enters the
correct username and password,
they query will return a result, thus
logging you in. However, instead of
entering the username and
password, we can inject some SQL
and modify the query result. For
example, we can enter fdfdfd in the
username field, and gdgfd" OR "1"
= "1 in the password field. By doing
this, the query will be SELECT *
"fdfdfd " AND PASSWORD = "gdgfd"
OR "1" = "1";
This statement will return true
because 1 is equal to 1 and will
grant us access.
Other possibilities are to try
depending on the SQL Query are:
♣ ' or 1=1--
♣ " or 1=1--
♣ or 1=1--
♣ ' or 'a'='a
♣ " or "a"="a
♣ ') or ('a'='a

add me OR subScRIbe me On fAcEbOok [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
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Vip Member
Vip Member

Posts : 121
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Age : 24
Location : india,kerala,malappuram,Kuttippuram

PostSubject: Re: hoW TO ha©k WeBsItEs..   Wed Dec 12, 2012 12:08 pm

Nice bro abcd
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Active Member

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PostSubject: Re: hoW TO ha©k WeBsItEs..   Sat Dec 15, 2012 2:25 pm

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Forum Member
Forum Member

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PostSubject: Re: hoW TO ha©k WeBsItEs..   Sun Dec 16, 2012 12:27 am

smile 2
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Points : 260
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Age : 24
Location : Đ.Ģ Кħāή , Pāкíşτāή

PostSubject: Re: hoW TO ha©k WeBsItEs..   Mon Dec 24, 2012 4:21 am

Tx..Will Try It afraid
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PostSubject: Re: hoW TO ha©k WeBsItEs..   

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hoW TO ha©k WeBsItEs..
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